Rockbridge has an extremely helpful and supportive pro-business culture.

The region is home to intellectually robust and multi-talented people who go out of their way to support one another. Hear people share their stories on how everyone supports one another and what it’s like to work here.

People came out of the woodwork to help launch our business, and they had a huge amount of talent. Literally, a rocket scientist laid down our paving.
Stephanie Wilkinson, Red Hen Restaurant

Rockbridge offers great business infrastructure

Including a new community-wide fiber optic network, four major educational institutions, affordable housing, and a talented and hardworking workforce. Learn more about our region’s business amenities.

The significance of our new fiber optic network in the area is perfect for internet-based and tech-centric industries. They can do very well in Rockbridge.
Franky Benincasa, Pronto Caffè & Gelateria

Rockbridge offers opportunities for people of all ages to get involved and make a meaningful difference.

There are a variety of ways young people can engage here.

In Rockbridge, young professionals can be big fish in a small pond. They don’t have to follow a set roadmap of professional development. They can create their own pathway.
Spencer McElroy, Lime Kiln Theater

Rockbridge as a geographic location is surprisingly convenient to customers, suppliers and manufacturers.

Rockbridge is strategically positioned midway along the eastern seaboard at the intersection of Interstate I-81 and I-64.  This location provides excellent linkages to major U.S. markets.  Over 40% of the U.S. population and in excess of 200,000 manufacturers are located within a 500 mile radius of Rockbridge. See for yourself, click here to view the Rockbridge County Vicinity map and the 500 Mile Range.

On any given day, over 50,000 cars travel through the region on interstates I-81 and I-64. This makes the area a prime location for the travel industry.

Bobby Berkstresser, White's Travel Center

Rockbridge is a great place to live.

Safe neighborhoods, an overall low cost of living and low crime rate gives the entire region a quintessential “small town” feeling. Learn more about information on what it’s like to live in Rockbridge.

This is a lovely region with small towns with attractive old buildings, and a lot going on with the colleges This is a great place to raise children – a place where you can get comfortable.

Rockbridge is great place to learn.

The region has excellent public elementary, middle and high school options, as well as four colleges and universities – Dabney S. Lancaster Community College, Virginia Military Institute, Southern Virginia University and Washington and Lee University. Learn more about the region’s educational amenities.

If you have young children, the schools are fantastic. I would put children from our school system here up against other public school systems any day
Lai Lee, Start Here!

Rockbridge is great place to play.

There is something for everyone. The region is known for its beautiful scenery, abundance of outdoor recreational opportunities including rivers and hiking/biking trails, a diverse artesian community and dozens of historic and cultural attractions, most notably our namesake, the Natural Bridge.

This is a wonderful place to live. We have mountains, lakes, fields, farms, vistas, as well as an active business community and two independent cities with great schools.