You Belong Here

There is a certain magic happening in Rockbridge. You see, it seems many people living and working here today are accidental residents. They didn’t set out to live in Lexington, Buena Vista and Rockbridge County. But after spending some time here, they fell in love with the region. They realized this is where they belong.

That’s because this is a unique place, defined in part by the natural beauty and surroundings, but mostly by the welcoming spirit and community mindset of its people.

To be honest, it’s kind of hard to explain what makes Rockbridge so appealing, especially on a website. One local tried when he described living here as, “it’s like Mayberry but in color.”

We would say it’s more like what Mayberry would be like in the 21st century. Friendly, livable, admirable, authentic. But also culturally relevant, connected and inclusive.

This site is our invitation for you to join us. Consider living, working, starting a business, or returning here.

Get to know us – again, if you went to college nearby. You’ll see why so many people love it here, live life to the fullest here, and successfully work all kinds of business opportunities here.

Find out if Rockbridge is where you belong.

By the People, For the People

Hear stories from our communities’ business leaders on why Rockbridge is a perfect place set up shop.

“People came out of the woodwork to help launch our business, and they had a huge amount of talent. Literally, a rocket scientist laid down our paving”
Stephanie Wilkinson , Red Hen Restaurant
“The significance of our new fiber optic network in the area is perfect for internet-based and tech-centric industries. They can do very well in Rockbridge.”
Franky Benincasa, Pronto Caffe and Gelateria
“In Rockbridge, young professionals can be big fish in a small pond. They don’t have to follow a set roadmap of professional development. They can create their own pathway.”
Spencer McElroy, Lime Kiln Theater
“This is a lovely region with small towns with attractive old buildings, and a lot going on with the colleges This is a great place to raise children – a place where you can get comfortable.”
Otis Mead, Mead Associates